The Creepy Tentacle Insect Is Actually A Creatonotos Gangis Moth

When it comes to the art of attracting females, insects often go to extreme lengths to secure a mate. As we have seen in the previous post, water boatman males make the loudest noise in the animal kingdom relative to their body size. Another example of sophisticated courtship endeavor seen in insects is that of a moth commonly found in south-east Asia as well as in northern Australia.
Males of the Creatonotos Gangis moth species have four tentacle-like body parts whose role is to attract females by emitting pheromones.

Scientists Have Discovered That Mantis Shrimps Learn And Remember Like Insects

Thinking like an insect might sound like an insult to a creature that possesses one of the most sophisticated eyes in the animal kingdom: That is what most people would think after reading this post's title. However, being able to learn and remember things like insects do is actually a good thing for the mantis shrimp. 
A new scientific study, which was published in eLife on September 26 2017, uncovered that the brains of mantis shrimps contain learning and memory centers that so far have been observed only in insects.

Apparently Anyone Can Become An Internet Troll, Study Finds

Trolling, the disruptive and inflammatory behavior we witness more or less in online forums and the comment sections of websites, is an antisocial act which consists in posting derogatory and deceptive comments or replies in online communities, with the apparent objective of turning an otherwise normal discussion into destructive and unhealthy quarrels, which are driven by the users' emotional reactions to the initial trolling attempt.

While previous studies have shown that Internet trolls often exhibit traits commonly associated with psychopaths and narcissists, a recent study from Stanford University and Cornell University suggests that, under the right circumstances, even ordinary people can become trolls.

The Alien Megastructure Theory Is Dead According To NASA

One of the most fascinating attributes of science is that it keeps challenging our understandings of the universe as new ideas and concepts are constantly being introduced either to refine already existing theories or to dismiss past knowledge and build new notions from scratch. While this variable nature of science is often what makes it what it is, it can also render it a killjoy to some people, especially when it comes to debunking imaginative alien theories.

This is exactly what NASA did to the alien megastructure theory, which explains the atypical dimming of Tabby's star as a consequence of a giant technological creation built by an advanced civilization to harvest the star's energy.

Does Size Matter? Ducks Say Yes According To A Scientific Study

"Does size matter?", We all came across this question in one form or another to the point that it became almost a synonym for the word cliché. While humans, in general, give ambiguous and often different answers to this question, ducks' response to this query is a flat out "yes". A new scientific study has revealed that, when forced to compete for females, the dominant male ducks of certain species develop a very long penis, while the weaker ones grow nothing whatsoever!
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